Allen campaigns with Youngkin and Miyares during visit to western Virginia

Published: Aug. 26, 2021 at 7:09 PM EDT
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SALEM, Va. (WDBJ) - Former Virginia Governor George Allen campaigned for the statewide Republican ticket Thursday, appearing with Glenn Youngkin and Jason Miyares in Salem.

Like his own campaign for Governor almost 30 years ago, the visit focused in large part on public safety.

“When we put in truth-in-sentencing it was to make sure that Virginians would be safer,” Allen told the audience.

Allen won the Governor’s office in 1993 with a promise to abolish parole.

And the issue of public safety was front and center, as Allen joined 2021′s candidate for Governor Glenn Youngkin and the GOP nominee for Attorney General Jason Miyares at a campaign event in Salem.

“Who do you trust to keep our communities safe?” Allen asked.

Miyares and Youngkin raised recent controversies involving the Virginia Parole Board. And they promised strong support for law enforcement.

“The question that Glenn and I ask wherever we go is a simple one,” Miyares said. “Do you feel safer today than you did eight years ago? And the answer’s overwhelmingly no.”

“And we’re going to make sure that all of our law enforcement heroes know that we have their back, because they have ours,” Youngkin said.

The campaign of Democrat Terry McAuliffe responded Thursday evening.

“These are more sad, baseless attacks from Glenn Youngkin,” McAuliffe spokesperson Renzo Olivari said in a written statement. “The truth is that Terry made Virginia the fourth safest state in the nation. He put in place one of the toughest domestic violence laws in the country, and he has released a detailed plan to keep Virginians safe. Glenn Youngkin is the one who would put Virginians’ safety at risk with his dangerous economic plan that would defund law enforcement.”

Meanwhile, Allen said issues that drove his campaign almost 30 years ago are important once again.

“A lot of similarities with 1993,” Allen said. “Nothing’s exactly the same, but some of those same issues are the issues when we were running, and I think Glenn Youngkin and Jason Miyares and Winsome Sears have the ideas that will resonate with a majority of Virginians.”

Early voting starts in about three weeks.

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