Rockbridge deputy retires after 30 years, one third as SRO

Published: Sep. 1, 2021 at 5:23 PM EDT
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ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - As students come into Maury River Middle School, it’s not been unusual for their first sight to be First Sgt. Hugh Ferguson.

“Most students and parents call me Officer Ferguson,” he said,”because School Resource Officer was kind of the title. And of course, we’re deputies and I’m a First Sergeant, but hard for people to remember sometimes.”

But after Wednesday morning, this tradition came to an end.

“Today is officially my very last day,” Ferguson said as he sat one last time in his school office. “So I just have to do some paperwork and turn in some gear, and turn in my vehicle, which is, that’s the hard thing to do, ‘cause I’m so accustomed to having a work vehicle.”

After all, he’s been a sheriff’s deputy for 30 years, and a school resource officer for a good third of that.

“It’s probably the most important job an officer can have, a deputy or a police officer,” he said. “You will have a greater impact as a single school resource officer in your community, doing that in the schools with the children and the parents and the teachers and staff; you will have much more positive impact to the community than you will ever have as a single officer working in the street.”

But it does leave some paperwork to clear up before the final departure. He cleaned his desk of random notes and schedules.

“That’s it,” Ferguson said at last. “Today’s my last day, so as far as I know, I didn’t even flip the calendar to go to September. I just wrote September one with my hand, and wrote retired.”

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