WexcoUSA to manufacture bimetallic cylinders in Bedford County

Published: Sep. 20, 2021 at 3:40 PM EDT
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BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - A new manufacturer to Bedford County will soon begin producing a unique piece of equipment used across many industries.

“It’s a product that you never see, but it’s a product that affects people’s lives every single day,” explains Calvin Lundeen, owner of WexcoUSA.

The company has moved into a portion of the former Bunker Hill Foods plant to manufacture bimetallic cylinders that are used in multiple different industries.

“It’s used to process anything from food, to plastics, to oil or gas, and that pushes through our product,” he says.

Wexco is one of the only manufactures of this kind in the world. Because of that, the business evaluated locations across the country before settling in Bedford County.

“The biggest asset that any company has is the workforce, and as we know right now, workforce can be a challenge,” notes Pam Bailey, Acting Economic Development Director.

“What tipped the scales was the wealth of talent in this area,” adds Lundeen, referring to the skilled workers who were part of the company when it was in Lynchburg. “There are not very many places in the nation where people have the experience machining the types of products that we have. We will be seeking their talents.”

The facility is expected to bring more than 20 jobs to the area.

“Anytime you can get business and investment to come to the county, it’s a good thing for everybody. A rising tide lifts all ships,” says Bailey.

WexcoUSA purchased intellectual property from the former Wexco Corporation, currently known as CXW Liquidation Corporation, after they dissolved in 2020. While some of the machinery and workers may be the same as was used with the former Wexco Corporation, the management, structure, and ownership will be different at the new Bedford facility.

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