Herring pledges to defend abortion rights

Published: Sep. 22, 2021 at 7:40 PM EDT
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RICHMOND, Va. (WDBJ) - Virginia Democrats continue to make abortion rights a central issue of their statewide campaigns.

Wednesday afternoon, Attorney General Mark Herring held a virtual news conference with Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings and Virginia State Sen. Jennifer Boysko.

“We have a front row seat to see what happens, when extreme right-wing Republicans are elected to statewide office: Texas, what’s happening there,” Herring told reporters. “The right to choose across the nation has been jeopardized and we have to protect that right here in the Commonwealth.”

“Virginia, your health care is on the ballot. Your right to choose is on the ballot. Your right to access a safe legal abortion is on the ballot,” Jennings said.

Herring’s Republican opponent, Del. Jason Miyares, said he opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest and to protect the life of the mother, which is why, he said, he would not have voted for the Texas bill.

“My position is very different than Mark Herring’s extreme position, which supports abortion anytime, anywhere, even up until the moment of birth - and is paid for by taxpayers,” Miyares said in a written statement.

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