Corrections made to VDH COVID portal affecting Lynchburg area

Published: Sep. 24, 2021 at 3:19 PM EDT
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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) – Residents of the Central Virginia Health District (CVHD) can now expect to see amended COVID-19 case numbers reported on the Virginia Department of Health COVID-19 Data in Virginia: Locality dashboard.

Corrections to the data will result in a decrease of about 700 cases of COVID-19 that were previously attributed to Lynchburg and the surrounding counties, according to CVHD and Centra Health.

“The amendments stem from a process change that caused approximately 700 negative tests to be submitted as positive from Centra,” said Dr. Lindsey Lockewood, public information officer and population health manager of CVHD. “When the issue was identified, Centra and CVHD worked collaboratively to resolve the discrepancy.”

The data error will affect cases of COVID-19 reported from September 1 through September 8; data reported after that period will remain unaffected, according to the health officials.

“Once the discrepancy was identified, we immediately corrected and validated the numbers,” said Diane Ludwig, Centra vice president and public information officer. “Now, we have enhanced our validation process to ensure the same uploading issue won’t happen again.”

When asked, Ludwig elaborated further and added that “The issue occurred when we used the automated VDH database, which was new to Centra. We returned to our previous way of reporting, which is less automated, slightly more labor intensive but validated.

We are partnering with VDH to move towards using this automated system, but in the meantime will continue to report using the manual process.

We pulled in key players from Centra and VDH to ensure we have an enhanced validation process prior to automated uploads.”

Centra and CVHD say this was a data uploading error only, and that the people who were tested were given the correct positive or negative test results.

The Virginia Department of Health’s dashboard can be found at

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