Carroll County Sheriff reflects on loss of deputy due to COVID-19

Published: Sep. 27, 2021 at 12:00 PM EDT
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CARROLL COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - With one fewer badge now being worn in Carroll County, the overall mood of the sheriff’s deputies who worked with 52-year-old Charlie Catron has shifted.

“Not a lot of discussions, a lot of quiet, everyone knows what we’re dealing with COVID-19, it’s nothing new to law enforcement or to our country, but it is the first loss we’ve had to deal with in our agency,” said Sheriff Kevin Kemp.

Kemp had known Charlie since Catron started in the county in 2008. Kemp describes him as ‘everyone’s friend.’

“He was just an all-around genuine, great guy, he was mild mannered, well spoken, everyone loved to be around him, never had a bad word to say. Very calm, genuine, in everything that he did,” said Kemp.

Catron first got the virus in August, and was out of work for approximately one month.

Tuesday, Catron’s family will celebrate his life, and the Carroll County Sheriff’s office will be there, but services in the county will run as normal, thanks to neighboring departments.

“I have deputies that I’m going to swear in from other sheriff’s officers, also the Hillsville police department will assist us and make sure that our schools, courts, patrols run as normal. VSP will answer calls for us, and our services will continue for our citizens just as normal,” said Kemp.

WDBJ7 asked Kemp if Catron was vaccinated and if any other changes will be made going forward regarding COVID-19. Kemp declined to answer any questions related to employees’ vaccination statuses.

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