Some gas stations short on supply after officials say pipeline is fixed

Pipeline fixed, some gas stations short on supply
Pipeline fixed, some gas stations short on supply(WDBJ 7)
Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 6:02 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Some gas stations in our hometowns are short on gas. Experts say it’s because of a pipeline issue, but that problem has now been fixed.

“We went to the gas station and all the pumps had signs that said no gas,” said Laura Smith, driving to Arkansas.

Laura Smith and her family stopped at a Shell gas station on Plantation Road in Roanoke while traveling home.

She was surprised to find she and her family had to hunt around to get some gas.

“That Exxon over there, no gas, so we came here and luckily it’s two gas stations together, or we would have been out of luck,” said Smith.

A Triple-A spokesperson says some gas stations in our hometowns are low on supply because of a leak in the Kinder Morgan Products SE pipeline.

That pipeline supplies some parts of Virginia with gas.

Morgan Dean with AAA says the pipeline had to be shut down temporarily to be fixed.

“So the pipeline was shut down ‘til over this past weekend when they could get in there, diagnose the problem, repair it and restart the pipeline, so it was about a week that, that pipeline was down,” said Morgan Dean, AAA spokesperson

He says the problem is fixed , so gas stations should be getting their regular supply in the coming days.

“Hopefully we’ll make it home safely. If not, then we’ll be on someone’s couch,” said Smith.

Dean also says it’s only affecting some stations in our hometowns, so chances are if you find one that is out, you can find one close by to get the gas you need.

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