EARLY YEARS: Roanoke dentist reminding kids to take care of their teeth as they enjoy Halloween candy

Dr. Brett Rhodes says sticky, sour candy is the worst for teeth
Published: Nov. 3, 2021 at 5:43 AM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Halloween had a big comeback this year, with kids being allowed to trick-or-treat again.

But with all that sugar comes concerns about cavities.

“After eating a piece of candy or something like that, at minimum, rinse out with water just rinse the acid and the sugar out of your mouth,” says Dr. Brett Rhodes of North Roanoke Dental Associates.

Dr. Rhodes says rinsing is good, but brushing is best. And not all candies are the same when it comes to your teeth.

“I’d say the worst are the sweet and sour sticky candy. The next worst are lollipops that would last a long time and take a long time to eat. The best candy, most adults will probably like this more than kids, it’s dark chocolate,” says Dr. Rhodes.

The Virginia Dental Association has these recommendations:

Brush your teeth or swish your mouth with water after a treat

Don’t candy throughout the day, save it for a treat after a meal

Avoid chewy and sour candies

Look for dark chocolates that are low in sugar

While many families may have avoided physicians’ offices during the pandemic, Dr. Rhodes says it’s crucial to keep up with regular dental visits.

“We just love to see our patients every six months because it keeps the preventative aspects going, so we don’t have a lot of cavities and we don’t have to get involved in deep treatment,” he says.

Getting a cavity- that’s definitely more of a trick, and less of a treat.

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