Callaway community mourns passing of volunteer firefighter

Published: Nov. 16, 2021 at 3:18 PM EST
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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - There’s a hole in the hearts of those in the Callaway community as they mourn the loss of an integral member.

As a firefighter with the Callaway Volunteer fire Department, Mike Webb did it all.

“He drove the truck. He helped us do everything in the community. He’s always here when that tone goes off for the fire,” says Callaway Fire Chief and Mike Webb’s uncle, James Webb.

Chief Webb says his nephew had a passion for driving from a young age.

“All he ever wanted to do was drive, ever since he was two or three years old,” he remembers. “My dad, his grandfather had him driving when he was probably 4 or 5 years old. Trucks, tractors, whatever.”

Mike Webb served the Callaway community where he grew up for 35 years in the fire department. He passed away over the weekend after spending five weeks in the hospital with a COVID-19-related illness.

“He was like a son to me, plus being a fire department member. It didn’t matter who needed help, he was always there,” explains the Chief.

And Thursday, a special trip is planned down the road Webb drove every day.

“We sold the oldest truck we had that he drove for years. He bought it himself. He told his nephew before he died that he wanted his casket hauled on that truck. So that’s what we’re doing,” says Chief Webb.

One final ride, for the man whose dedication drives on.

“My father, his granddad always said if it had a steering wheel on it, he was happy,” Chief Webb remembered.

Mike Webb’s funeral will be held at Piedmont Presbyterian Church at 11 a.m. Thursday.

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