Modine expands product line and work force in Rockbridge

Published: Nov. 18, 2021 at 6:17 PM EST
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BUENA VISTA, Va. (WDBJ) - If the Modine factory floor in Buena Vista looks busy, that’s because it is.

“Things are really booming here at Modine,” said plant manager Matt Neibur.

To start with, the pandemic actually created business for them.

“Some of the ventilation equipment we make is supplied to schools,” Neibur explained, “and it’s a big focus in schools to get kids back in the classroom is to have clean, fresh air, and we make a product for that. You can see it here behind me.”

Not to mention their new line: a chiller for computer data centers.

“So every Facebook picture you post, that’s in a server room that needs to be cooled by a chiller,” said Jordan Jenich, Quality Manager and Plant Superintendent.

Meaning these guys need more people.

“So we need a, yeah, we’ve got a tremendous amount of demand, a big hole that we need to fill right here in BV,” Neibur said.

“It means a lot to have an industry this size in the community,” said Brent Secrist, the Plant Supervisor, “and we’re still here and we’re growing.”

Secrist grew up in Buena Vista.

“When I was going to high school here, I drove by here every day,” he said, “and didn’t realize that I’d be working here one day.”

And he says this growth is a real opportunity for folks.

“You can what we do here, and we’ll train you, and then you can be successful,” Secrist said.

“Right now, we’ve got people joining our team that do not have manufacturing experience,” according to Neibur. “If we can find people with the right character and right attitude toward working hard, towards something that adds value to our customers, just about anyone can do these jobs.”

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