Alleghany Highlands Christmas Mother prepares for distribution

Published: Nov. 29, 2021 at 6:35 PM EST
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COVINGTON, Va. (WDBJ) - The contributions were still rolling in Monday.

“People just come in and drop off checks,” said Sue Rollinson, the 2021 Alleghany Highlands Christmas Mother. “One lady has a garage full of stuff she’s been buying all year long, so comes in with 10 totes full of stuff. It’s pretty amazing.”

And they will be for a while.

“They’ll be making lists of things we still need,” Rollinson said, “and then going out and ordering online to be delivered to a local -- well usually it’s a WalMart or Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar. I think I hit them all.”

Everything from clothes and kitchenware to linens and, of course, toys. Lots and lots of toys, bringing Christmas to over four hundred families that otherwise would have little, if anything, under the tree.

“Yeah, we get firewood,” said Rollinson. “The usual things. People want diapers for their kids. Sometimes things you don’t even think about.”

Not that she’s an old pro at this.

“I’ve never worked with this before., Rollinson admitted. “I know personally probably three-quarters of the former Christmas Mothers, but I have never really participated in the program because I was teaching.”

But this operation has been going for seventy years, so they’ve gotten pretty good at this.

“You do have to have a well oiled machine in the background doing all the work,” she said.

Getting everything ready for another drive through pickup week.

“I got my parade permit today,” Rollinson said, “‘cause we close off the street, and if you close off the street you need a permit to do that.”

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