FFE Player of the Week: Davis Lane With LCA

After the spring season, the dual-threat signal-caller gave a verbal commitment to play at the University of Virginia.
Published: Dec. 4, 2021 at 12:04 AM EST
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(WDBJ) - The force that drives LCA’s high-powered offense, Davis Lane, showed off what makes him special yet again in the Region 3C final, lighting up Brookville for more than 200 total yards and three touchdowns in the Bulldogs’ 42-6 victory.

“All my guys just made great plays. The line blocked. The receivers caught the ball. The running backs ran hard and just made big plays.”

Lane’s humility comes through when you talk to him, but head coach Frank Rocco says it’s that selflessness that has made him such an effective leader in his time at LCA.

“Davis has been a tremendous inspiration to a lot of our guys because he’s so selfless. When he needs to throw for 200 yards, we can throw for 200 yards. When he needs to run for 100 yards, he runs for 100 yards. He does what we ask him to do, and the cool thing about Davis is he’s just barely scratching the surface of what he can be as a quarterback.”

Still, the senior’s skills have already led to big opportunities at the next level.

After the spring season, the dual-threat signal-caller gave a verbal commitment to play at the University of Virginia.

“I love everything they’re about there. They work extremely hard with everything they do and I love all the coaches up there. I already feel like family.”

That path from Bulldog to Cavalier is a familiar one to Rocco.

His son, Mike, went the same route, and now he’s come full-circle, preparing Lane for UVA as LCA’s quarterbacks coach.

“He’s been a real connection there to the past and kind of a motivation for the future for him. So yeah, I’m fired up. I’ve been a Hoos fan ever since those days when Mike was there and I’m really happy and proud to have one of our guys go there.”

Outside of football, Lane joins a number of past players of the week with an interest in music.

“I actually can play guitar pretty good. I’m actually pretty good. So, that’s really it.”

And whether he’s strumming chords, or slingin’ it on Friday nights, Lane’s work ethic is undeniable.

So it’s no surprise that his role model is the GOAT himself.

“I would say Tom Brady for sure, just because nobody works as hard as he does and he’s the most prepared player on the field at all times, and that’s why he won so many rings.”

Your Week 14 Friday Football Extra Player of the Week is LCA quarterback Davis Lane.

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