EARLY YEARS: Acts of kindness can create lasting family memories this holiday season

Macaroni Kid Roanoke suggests sending cards to nursing homes, raking neighbors’ leaves, and other kind gestures
The Kindness Elf can help start the conversation about giving to others this holiday season
Published: Dec. 15, 2021 at 5:55 AM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) -The joy of Christmas is all around us, and the holiday season looks brighter this year.

But that’s not true for everyone.

That’s why acts of kindness mean more than you know.. it’s a holiday tradition for Macaroni Kid Roanoke publisher Beth Bell and her two sons.

“Making cards for veterans or for the nursing homes. There’s a lot of lonely seniors and things like that. So, every day of the month leading up to Christmas, we would do some kind of activity,” says Bell..

“I think it’s more important than ever to think of those who might not have anyone else- whether it’s your neighbor who might live alone, surprise them, go out and rake their leaves. That’s one thing, my boys, they rake leaves, shovel snow,” she adds.

Acts of kindness are always welcome, and so are kind words.

“One thing that I saw over the past year that I thought was so cute was this video of these two girls that sat on a sidewalk on a busy greenway and they just yelled out compliments to the runners,” Bell says.

If you’re not comfortable saying the words, you an always write them.

“Some of them are things like write words of encouragement on sticky notes and leave them wherever. You know, you can put them on vending machines, car windshields,” says Bell.

Volunteering or making a donation at an animal shelter or food pantry is also a great family activity during the holiday season.

And if your kids are old enough, Bell suggests signing up to serve a meal at the rescue mission.

“It blesses you even more than it blesses the person you’re being kind to and so I think that’s important lesson to teach kids, as well,” says Bell.

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You can also introduce the Kindness Elf to your family this season. Here’s a link to a fun printable activity.

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