Two years after old Bedford Middle School fire, developer details progress made

Sunday will mark two years since the building was set on fire
Published: Jan. 21, 2022 at 5:13 PM EST
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BEDFORD, Va. (WDBJ) - The Bedford community watched two years ago when the cupola of the old middle school went crashing down into flames.

The fire scorched a landmark in the community and forced developers to rethink their plans. Last January, a groundbreaking ceremony was held as developers made another step toward turning the site into apartments and a boutique hotel.

Friday, they say great strides have been made in that process, such as with framing and masonry.

“It feels especially rewarding and exciting to get to this point right now and we’re over the hump, so to speak, in terms of the unknowns and really excited about what this year is gonna hold for that site,” said Dave McCormack with Waukeshaw Development.

He says there’s still much work to be done and that they’ve also had to get a little creative to deal with supply issues.

“We were getting very creative to try to solve a problem,” said McCormack. “There was a minute there we were gonna saw our own lumber there on site but through negotiation and a little bit of luck, we have not been overly affected by that stuff.”

As of now things are on track and look to be done in the next year.

The next major milestone, McCormack says, is the placement of a new cupola, designed to historical specs.

“We have the old building plans, actually the historic building plans, so we’re able to build the cupola back to historic specs and the day when that crane shows up and puts that thing back on the roof, we’re gonna have a little celebration out there,” said McCormack. He’s hoping to get that done in March.

Meanwhile, Daniel Flint, the man who pleaded guilty to the arson of the building, is set to be sentenced that same month.

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