Bath County student and teacher receive lifesaving award

Published: Jan. 26, 2022 at 5:05 PM EST
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BATH COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - It was spaghetti day at lunch at Valley Elementary Wednesday, but a couple months ago they were serving grilled cheese.

That might not seem important at first, but it’s what made second grader Hezekiah Saucier do something special.

During that lunch, Hezekiah saw there was a problem at the next table.

“And Rafael was choking because he was eating too fast,” Saucier remembered.

“And Hezekiah turns to the teacher table,” said third grade teacher Melanie Baughan, “and let me and another teacher know that one of my students actually was choking.”

“Then Miss Baughan came over and gave him the Heimlich,” said Saucier.

The nurse checked him out, and lunch resumed.

But the folks at the Millboro Rescue Squad noticed, and gave Hezekiah and Ms. Baughan the John P Hodge Lifesaving Award.

“My Mom, she’s actually a nurse,” Baughan said, “and she said to me, she said, you had the training, but having the training and being able to act on it are two different things, and so it’s great to be able to act on the training and know what to do in the moment.”

And, though everyone’s pretty impressed with his actions, Hezekiah isn’t really interested in going on about it.

“That’s all I think I’m going to say,” he said, bringing his interview to an end.

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