Buena Vista’s Kling Elementary gets chromebooks

Published: Jan. 31, 2022 at 7:04 PM EST
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BUENA VISTA, Va. (WDBJ) - They’re stacked on tables, loaded on carts, even lining the back hall outside the principal’s office.

Chromebooks, more than 200 of them, one for every student at Kling Elementary.

“We have enough for pre-K through second grade,” said principal Lisa Clark.

It’s all thanks to a federal grant that Buena Vista schools’ IT department got, meaning that parents are able to take them home for their kids to work on there.

“Parents started coming by this morning, picking them up,” Clark said. “I think we’ve given out about 10 this morning.”

After a year when schools often had to teach virtually, having chromebooks in every home has proven its value.

“Students lose time when they have to come back to school to check out a chromebook,” said Clark. “This way they’re going to be at home. They’ll already have it. The teachers already have their Google classrooms set up, and they practice that throughout the school day in a nonvirtual setting, just in their classrooms.”

So as these little bundles of technology go out, even kindergarteners will be able to continue classes when last year teachers often had to hand out written projects in packets.

“Packet learning is ok,” according to Clark, “and you can send worksheets and packet learning home, but kids have to have that teacher interaction and they have to have an instructor in order to really make the impact.”

An idea that parents say the approve of.

“The feedback we’ve gotten so far from parents is: Oh, this is great. This is great,” said Clark.

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