Botetourt Technical Education Center students work on unique project

Published: Feb. 9, 2022 at 6:03 PM EST
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BOTETOURT COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Some students at the Botetourt Technical Education Center worked on a unique project together.

“We took our mineral, oil which is nonconductive. That’s the only reason that it works. It’s not going to conduct any electricity, just like water would. So we took that, poured it in that tank over there and we put in a test PC … and it worked fine so we took our motherboard, which is like the brains of the entire computer, and then we took our power supply, which is just giving it power, and we set them in there. We tested it and made sure it worked and then we put all of the fun stuff in it, like the rocks, the jellyfish, the cool stuff you see sitting in there,” said Brian Kestner, a senior at Lord Botetourt High School and a student in the Computer Systems Technology III class.

Students in the Computer Systems Technology III class at the Botetourt Technical Education Center worked together on the project.

“We as a class decided that we wanted to do that, and I think it’s just really cool to have something that’s not in your traditional cases. Something that’s sitting in what looks like water and you can add fun stuff to it and it still be a working computer,” said Kestner.

Students say projects like this are helpful to keep their interest in learning, especially during the pandemic.

“When you have stuff like this in class where we’re building stuff, having fun with the computers, building fun things, it gets us more engaged,” said Kestner.

And as a bonus, students in this class are learning skills that can help them with employment opportunities in the future.

“You get certifications. I have a PC Pro certification. That’s good to have. We’re planning on getting a cybersecurity certification and those things can help you get jobs and you’re going to learn a lot here,” said Kestner.

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