Goshen deals with water problems

Published: Feb. 10, 2022 at 7:35 PM EST
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GOSHEN, Va. (WDBJ) - At the bottom of a big, muddy hole is a valve. And that valve is the newest – and they hope the last – part of what has been an epic tale of water problems.

“Couple of weeks ago, we started having trouble keeping the water level up in the Rockbridge way tank, one of the storage tanks in our water system,” said Goshen’s Planning Commission Chair, Stephen Bickley.

That wasn’t this valve. That was a leak, and they thought they had it fixed.

“This past week, we had a major loss of water in the tank,” Bickley said, “and through the troubleshooting we did, we found that we were having trouble with the automatic controls for one of the main valves down in this Route 600 vault.”

That would be down in a concrete container. Still not the one in the hole.

“When it failed shut,” Bickley explained, “we opened the bypass valve around it and found the bypass valve around it is also broke.”

That’s the one in the hole. These guys are working to pull it out and put in a replacement, hopefully bringing the pressure back up Thursday evening.

Meanwhile, with the pressure so low, water is being distributed at the fire station, and a boil notice has been issued.

“Because the pressure got low, they want us to do some testing,” Bickley said.

The system had been worked on as recently as 2009, so they want to know what exactly happened to these valves.

“Waiting for them to get the components out so we can kind of dissect and see what did happen,” according to Bickley. “But I guess, with a water system, things happen.”

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