Pulaski County adult day care center in danger of losing funds

Published: Feb. 16, 2022 at 4:15 PM EST
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DUBLIN, Va. (WDBJ) - An adult day care center in Dublin is in need of help. Its doors could close in the next few months if it doesn’t get the funding it needs.

“This is such a good service that is provided to this community and we know that if it goes away, that it’s not coming back,” said Dublin Police Chief Dennis Lambert, a board member at the center.

Vital services provided at the Pulaski Adult Day Service and Fall Prevention Center could be going away, Lambert said.

“Gotten to a desperate point to where we only have about five months of operating monies left.”

The Director of the Center, Linda Davis, says before COVID, the center was breaking even, but during the pandemic, donations slowed. “When COVID hit, we were closed down for a year and it was a struggle because just because we were closed, didn’t mean the bills stopped.”

The center is in danger of closing its doors, something board members say shouldn’t happen.

Click here for a GoFundMe account to help the center keep its doors open.

Lambert said, “I’ve talked to people that have had their parents here or family members here and they said without this service, they would have had to put them in a nursing home or some kind of facility, and because of this service, they’ve been able to keep their family members at home.”

For Davis, this is a passion project. Her mother suffered from dementia.

“I know everyone thinks their mother is the best mother in the world, but she truly was a wonderful mother.” And says she built the center to help others. “What we do for these people, it gives me such joy, and I know my mom would be so happy because this would make her so happy.”

She hopes others will see the importance of her labor of love, and hopes the doors can stay open.

“It would actually break my heart to see it go away.”

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