More than just a supermarket bagger

Published: Feb. 22, 2022 at 5:45 PM EST
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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ) - Everybody knows Willy, and some say it’s the only reason they come to Kroger in Lexington.

“He really is a staple of the community,” said Store Leader David Garris. “Everybody asks for Willy, everybody knows Willy. He’s just awesome at customer service.”

Making him a lot more than just a bagger.

“Because helping customers out to their vehicles is my favorite part of working here,” said Willy Nelson.

But it’s so much more than just helping out. It’s that he brings a sunny attitude, even on a rainy day.

“He has so much pride in that job and taking care of the community and taking care of his team, even within the store,” said Garris. “Every day, he’s literally a joy.”

“I’m always eager to help customers out,” Nelson said, “because that’s just been my favorite thing.”

“He actually tallies it every day, too,” Garris said, “so he knows how many customers he’s taken out to their car every single day. It’s pretty cool.”

His top number?

“Sixty,” Nelson said. “In one day.”

And every one got his personal farewell: “Have a wonderful day.”

“I tell them to have a wonderful day because that’s my own personal signature for working here,” he explained.

“I know if Willy’s here, I know we’re going to be taken care of on the front end by all means,” Garris said. “I know every customer’s going to leave happy, there’s no doubt about that.”

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