MORNIN’ MOTIVATIONS: Discovering little treasures that bring us happiness

Lifestyle blogger Caitlyn Scaggs encourages us to find our own little things that make every day a bit more fun and special
Whether it's a favorite mug, candy or a mouse pad, you can find joy in surrounding yourself with little things you love
Published: Feb. 25, 2022 at 9:01 AM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - For many of us, the past two years have been a struggle because of the pandemic.

Lifestyle blogger Caitlyn Scaggs says it’s important to find joy in little things. Literally, she means small objects we like to have around to make us smile.

“I know a lot of people who are having a really, really tough year! For a variety of reasons. I even had my own hard moments. This makes me think about how I can make small decisions that will put a smile on my face and make my world a little brighter. Yes, sometimes these little things are a bit silly,” says Scaggs.

Silly and sometime a little sour.

“I love sour gummy worms! They are nostalgic for me and something about eating gummy worms invites me into simpler times,” says Scaggs.

She also says a special coffee mug and comfy socks can make any day brighter for her.

“I also have a mug I love that has my word of the year on it, “Embrace.” I promise coffee tastes better in this mug! And lastly, where would I be without my fuzzy socks? They represent comfort and I find them to be grounded,” says Scaggs.

The lesson here, the things that put a smile on our face don’t have to be big or costly.

You can find more ways to find joy in the simple things, by checking out Scaggs’ latest blog here.

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