Peak Energy & Nutrition energizes the community

Published: Feb. 25, 2022 at 5:56 PM EST
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - You may remember Peak Energy & Nutrition from its segment of Hometown Eats.

Blending protein-packed shakes and energizing tea and coffee is more than just a business for the co-owners, who welcome all their customers as family.

Bear and Bell Simpson and their business partner Cool J Montgomery opened the shop on Shenandoah Avenue in April 2021.

“In the midst of the pandemic, it was a decision to try to open something, whereas most of the world was closing down,” says Bear. “When you’re going through and people are sick and unfortunately dying, health and wellness is a primary focus and so we figured, go full steam because people need us now more than ever.”

Almost a year later, the Herbalife Nutrition shop is still going strong, with a diverse customer base and passion behind their purpose.

“As a race, we are underserved sometimes, and so putting us in an area that is not as popular as another part of town was strategic because we want to help our community. Everyone is welcome here. But we also want to make sure we’re educating our people about the better healthier options there are,” adds Bear. “For younger people of our ethnicity for African Americans to see three African Americans in their community that owns a business doing something good, I think it’s a positive sight for them to see.”

This Black History Month, the trio is grateful for their history and excited for the future of black entrepreneurship.

“I am grateful for our ancestors for being the ground and the base, because without them, we wouldn’t know what it was to struggle,” says Bell. “Just keep pushing, keep moving, keep going, and you get to do what you dreamed of doing.”

“Now the ceiling has been removed and there is so much opportunity for us,” adds Montgomery. “It is a complete reality check to have something you’ve manifested for so long... for it to come to fruition and realize, oh, there’s more to this.”

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