Hundreds gather to honor and celebrate Covington Police Officer Caleb Ogilvie

Published: Mar. 19, 2022 at 6:23 PM EDT
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CLIFTON FORGE, Va. (WDBJ) - Hundreds, including the Governor and at least 50 law enforcement agencies, came together Saturday to honor and remember Covington Police Officer Caleb Ogilvie.

Ogilvie was killed in the line of duty Monday.

“I come here today like all of you. To mourn, to honor Caleb Ogilvie. I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Caleb, but I do know the caliber of the man he was,” said Gov. Glenn Youngkin.

Hero. That’s what Caleb Ogilvie was called over and over again Saturday afternoon by fellow law enforcement officers.

“Today we say goodbye, but we will never forget Caleb’s sacrifice. We will honor Caleb by carrying his legacy from this moment forward,” said Covington Police Chief Christopher Smith.

U.S. Marines Caleb served with were among some of the other friends who spoke.

“I learned a valuable lesson from Caleb: to always think about others and to treat them the way I would like to be treated. We must always remember his sacrifice and service to this nation. Caleb may you rest in God’s Peace and we will see you one day soon.”

Caleb’s wife Natasha took the podium, thanking her community for the support and ending her speech with a favor.

“I never expected there to be so much love and generosity as well as support for my family. I ask you guys to keep his memory alive, whether it’s sharing a memory or one of his terrible dad jokes, and don’t waste a single moment of life. Thank a serviceman, or an officer, be kind to your neighbor, and love one another because we never know when our last impression is going to be made on the world.”

A simple ask, to help keep Caleb’s heroism alive by those who knew him, and those who didn’t get that chance.

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