Hurry up and wait: Day in the life of a deputy marshal for the US Marshals Service

Published: Mar. 25, 2022 at 6:49 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - No two days look the same for the US Marshals service. Friday, four people were arrested for drug related charges. The service helped the Virginia State Police SWAT team and the Roanoke Police Department make the arrests happen.

“The US Marshals Service has an extremely rich history; we are the oldest federal law enforcement agency,” said US Marshal for the Western District of Virginia Thomas Foster.

Typically the days start with a debrief that includes an assignment with an address. The address can be lucrative or can lead to a dead end. But once in position, deputy marshals can easily shift gears to assist other agencies.

”The marshal service has been referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of law enforcement; we’re involved in a lot of different things,” said Foster.

Gathered in a church parking lot less than a mile from Overbook Street in Northwest, members of three agencies talk strategy while they wait for a search warrant to be signed.

”What these operations do is that a lot of these folks who are wanted and are out there and have not been arrested, and are fugitives on the run, they’re still involved in criminal activity. And when we can find these people, locate them, get them arrested and into the court system, where even if they’re gonna be released, they can be managed and it helps reduce violent crime,” said Foster.

Foster has held his position for two years. Last year he oversaw deputy marshals serve 2,187 warrants.

The yearly average of the last decade has been 1,418.

“What we do on a daily basis is try and locate some of the most dangerous offenders that are out there,” said Foster.

And once it’s time to act, there is not a second wasted.

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