Hometown Eats: New York Pizza

Published: Mar. 31, 2022 at 4:25 PM EDT
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VINTON, Va. (WDBJ) - It’s a formula that hasn’t changed since the doors opened at New York Pizza in Vinton, much like the familiar faces you’ll see. Giacomo Montuori has been in the kitchen since he was 14 and running the pizza operation for the past five years. He’s not shy about how good the pizza is.

“The best, can’t go wrong,” said Montuori.

In the New York Pizza kitchen you’ll find everything you’d expect from a classic New York pizzeria, starting with the sauce.

“We haven’t changed the recipe since 1982. Been the same recipe since we opened,” says Montuori.

If you want to vibe, but just aren’t craving Italian flavors, go with a cheesesteak, sub, or burger. Lots of people do; over 1,000 pounds of meat sizzles on this flat top every week. But to be honest, the pizza is what makes this place generational.

“When my boys come home to visit, this is one of the places they always have to go. They’ve been coming since they were children,” said New York Pizza regular Barbra Williams. She’s been taking her family to this place for decades.

“If you make good pizza, you make a good cheese pizza,” joked Williams. “Best pizza in Roanoke.”

If you’re confused by Williams’ comment, let me explain. Yes, New York Pizza is on Hardy Road in Vinton but there are two more places to get this slice of New York. In Roanoke, there is Tony Avellino’s (3606 Franklin Rd SW) and Tony’s to Go (4005 Melrose Ave NW), which opened in December 2021.

“There was no good pizza on that side of town on Melrose and no good pizza on Franklin Road, so we decided to open something new,” said Montuori.

Three locations with the same great taste to form the perfect pizza shaped this Hometown Eat.

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