Campbell County Public Schools showcases first electric buses

Published: Apr. 1, 2022 at 4:01 PM EDT
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CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - They don’t look much different from your regular school buses, but a charger shows they certainly are powered differently.

Campbell County Public Schools unveiled their first electric school buses Friday.

“I know it is April Fools, and it is no April Fools joke that Campbell County will be rolling out two electric buses,” said Dr. Tim Hoden, director of operations.

Students were among others who lined the sidewalk and hopped aboard as the bus went for a ride around Leesville Road Elementary.

They’re notably quieter than diesel-fueled buses, and as Hoden says, they’re better in more ways beyond sound.

“These buses are zero emissions and that will be the biggest savings. We’re actually going to do some cost-benefit analysis to determine how much money exactly we will save,” said Hoden. As to where those savings will go, Hoden says that is to be determined.

Floyd Merryman with bus company Sonny Merryman says he’s happy to see the buses in the company’s backyard.

“With us, our company being headquartered right here in Campbell County, it’s very exciting that Campbell County was able to receive some grant funding to purchase these two buses,” said Merryman.

Appalachian Power grant funds were used to help cover the costs of buying the buses.

The future of Campbell County’s fleet could mean more EVs on the road.

“Certainly while this money is available, this is the time for us to convene getting some more buses. I’ve actually applied for another set of grants to hopefully get two more,” said Hoden.

The new electric buses are slated to stay in the Brookville area.

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