Dog stolen over a decade ago reunited with its owner

Rex was stolen more than a decade ago, but has been reunited with his owner. (Source: WCVB, Marzena Niejadlik)
Published: Apr. 29, 2022 at 2:31 PM EDT
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BOSTON (WCVB) – Rex is back in his owner’s arms after 11 long years. His owner, Marzena Niejadlik admits it was hard to have any hope she would see her beloved Yorkie again.

“I was starting to lose hope,” she said. “And I counted the years and thinking that maybe he passed away.”

Niejadlik got Rex in 2010 after her brother passed away. He was a comfort to both her and her mother.

But the following year, they say someone stole the puppy from outside their home.

Now, over a decade later, Stoughton Animal Control Officer Michelle Carlos got a call that a Yorkie was running around a neighborhood.

The microchip on the dog led back to Niejadlik.

“It was linked to her old address, but her phone number was still current – which is good,” Carlos said. “She was just overjoyed.”

Niejadlik said the timing of Rex’s return is strange as her other brother also recently died.

“So [Rex] is just here to help us, I guess, during the grieving time again,” she said.

That comfort comes at just the right time, and Rex returned to meet new family members welcoming him home with open arms.

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