Gas prices up, AAA shares why

Gas station
Gas station
Published: May. 6, 2022 at 6:10 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - Gas prices the first week of May are 17 cents higher than the last week of April.

“60% of what we pay at the pump has to do with the price of crude oil,” Morgan Dean with AAA said.

Dean says crude oil costs jumped $10 per barrel in the between May 4 and May 6.

“So when crude oil goes up, pump prices go up, too,” Dean said.

The price at the pump is painful for many Central Virginia businesses, including workers at El Comalito.

“Basically, we’re just an expansion from a food truck,” Calet Ambrosio with the restaurant said.

Ambrosio says they’re lucky to have a building now that filling the generator for the food truck costs more.

“Gas prices are just adding more to our expenses, which is crazy because we’re trying to save and make more money and all this is doing is taking money out of our pockets,” Ambrosio said.

Dean says one reason for the spike is seasonal. Warmer weather often means more travelers.

“We’ve also been in the process of switching out winter blend gasoline with summer blend gasoline,” Dean added.

During winter time, gas has to be able to evaporate at low temperatures for your car to run. The summer blend is made to prevent evaporation. The process to make it takes longer, making it cost more to produce.

“We’re $1.41 more expensive than a year ago,” Dean said.

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