Danville Fire Department has specialty teams on stand by during threat of severe weather

Published: May. 7, 2022 at 12:06 AM EDT
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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Many of our hometowns saw the threat of severe weather Friday. Emergency responders start their preparation well in advance for the potential threats that weather might pose.

“When we start looking at the weather forecast and we know something this severe is coming our way, that’s when we make sure we have the backup to the backup,” said Capt. Ken Jones with the Danville Fire Department.

The severe weather response isn’t just about backups for equipment, though; the Danville Fire Department has specialty teams ready to go in case of emergency.

“We have a water rescue, tactical rescue, hazmat, so that’s where these teams come aboard. So we’re ready for the daily emergencies and incidents, but when it gets to this point, that’s when we use our specialty teams.”

But it’s also about the community doing its part in being safe when severe weather is present.

“The main thing is protecting your family. You want to stay inside, you want to get in the basement, you don’t want to stay in an open area.”

The social media age has improved communication between emergency responders and the community. But if you are in need of immediate help, 911 is always the best way to reach them.

“That’s what we’re preaching to the community; call us as soon as something happens. The quicker we get us on scene, we can get other resources to take care of that problem.”

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