Gas price impacts extend to Smith Mountain Lake

Published: Jun. 12, 2022 at 5:24 PM EDT
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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - From the roads to the water, people continue to be hit hard by prices at the pump. That extends to many residents and visitors who spend time at Smith Mountain Lake in the summer.

“On the ride up here, I spent $90 on gas for my car and I just filled the boat up $190,” said Jacob Roe, who lives in Raleigh but travels to his lake house once or twice a month in the summer.

“This big boat here behind me, it has twin engines in it, it burns twelve gallons an hour. At almost seven dollars a gallon here on the water now, it impacts you quite hard,” said Michael Reed, a local resident who stores his boat with his wife, Denise Olmo, at Crazy Horse Marina.

Those impacts extend to how much time people are able to spend out on the water.

“It adds a lot of expense to not just getting up here, but then also driving around on a boat, they’re not very fuel-efficient,” said Roe.

“We’re having to cut back on the amount of boating we’re able to do,” said Reed.

“Everybody’s doubling up and going out just to take one boat instead of two or three and it’s just gotten hard,” said Denise Olmo.

Reed and Olmo are often at Crazy Horse Marina, which they’ve also noticed has been a lot quieter than previous years.

“Usually by Memorial Day this marina is slammed full. We have over a hundred boat slips here, just people that keep their boats here and we haven’t seen half of them,” said Reed.

Reed and Olmo said it’s not just at the marina, but Smith Mountain Lake as a whole. Residents continue to hold onto the hope of seeing some relief at the pumps.

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