Watching Your Wallet offer tips to prevent data breaches

Published: Jun. 14, 2022 at 1:42 PM EDT
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Data breaches jeopardizing your personal information continue to impact consumers. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there was a 14-percent year-to-year increase in stolen data.

For the third straight year, the number of data breaches is rising, according to the national nonprofit Identity Theft Resource Center. The company’s Chief Operating Officer, James Lee, says if this trend holds, we are in for a big uptick in data breaches in 2022.

Lee says the bad guys are trying to get your credit card and bank account information, but they’re also usually after something more valuable to them. “But you’ll also notice what they’re really trying to do more often than not is get that log-in and password, so they’ll send you a link. You know, ‘just click here to log in,’ And now they’ve captured your log-in and password.”

Lee says they’re going to use that information to attack other businesses. They’re using to us to get the bigger fish. “Remember, this is all about money and the money is not with individuals. The money that the bad guys want is with companies. But they need individuals’ information to make those attacks work.”

Lee says make sure you use long and unique passwords for each and every account you have.

Turn on two-factor authentication for each account. He also recommends you freeze your credit. He says you can’t stop a data breach at another organization, but what you can do is make that information they steal less useful.

Your personal info can be the key for a large-scale data breach.

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