City Dogs opens swimming pool for dogs

Published: Jun. 29, 2022 at 6:36 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Forget dogs’ days of August, we’ve got them in June.

Operations Manager Kevin Ketcham says dog boarding and play care business City Dogs started offering swimming sessions for dogs about a month ago.

“A lot of places have little doggie pools and small splash areas, but this is a full-size swimming pool,” Ketcham.

When City Dogs filed for the permit, everyone would ask if they were really going to build a pool for dogs. The new pool allows dog owners to go on vacation while their dogs also have fun.

“Well, this gives them an additional option,” added Ketcham. “Those people go on their vacation and their dogs get to go in the pool as well.”

A certified lifeguard and employee are always present in the pool to supervise the animals.

“We have Alexia who’s the lifeguard that is in the pool. She’s the one who keeps track of the dogs inside,” explained Ketcham. “And Tristin is kind of our dog lead. He knows which dogs get along with. We can only put dogs that get along with each other.”

Ashely Feldmann says she signed up her rescue dog Sadie to not only improved her swimming abilities but her overall health.

“It just tires her out. She’s a very high energy dog,” said Feldmann. “So, she needs a lot of exercise, and really the pool giver her that and she comes home ready to nap.”

Dogs can get heat strokes from high temperatures, and Feldmann says this is a good way for them to cool off.

“Compared to another dog daycare that may not have a pool. I think when it’s super hot outside. They would just be really overheated at another place that didn’t have a pooI. So, I think this allows the dogs to really enjoy the summer... they get to cool off,” added Feldmann.

Some dogs are natural swimmers; to some, it doesn’t come easy at all, and others struggle even more.

“There are some dogs that you see today that are the type that is just otters. They just glide across the water,” said Ketcham. “There are other dogs that get in there flaring water all over the places. There are some that just get out there and because they have a life jacket, they just float.”

City Dogs offers social swims, one-on-one playtime, and one-on-one swim lessons.

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