Grown Here at Home: Woods Farms ready for a busy summer season

Published: Jul. 4, 2022 at 10:17 AM EDT
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FRANKLIN CO., Va. (WDBJ) - At Woods Farms in Franklin County, they’re busy stocking the farm stand for all your summer get-togethers, and just good eatin’ at your kitchen table. The summer growing season is in full swing, and Woods Farms is keeping the farm stand full of their summer staple -- peaches.

“We’re finishing up Dixie Reds and starting Early Red Havens, so we’re transitioning from clingstone to the freestone where they’re starting to come off the seeds. The clingstone ripens from the skin to the seed and the freestone ripens from the seed to the skin,” explained Mark Woods, owner of Woods Farms.

They also have watermelon, cantaloupe, blueberries, tomatoes, and so much more.

“The garden, the produce in the fields is looking good. We need some rain, so we just take what we got and move on with it,” Mark said.

He explained working with other farms helps to keep the farm stand stocked.

“We’re two weeks later or a month later than say, Halifax, and you know where it’s coming from and what it is and you know who grew it. That’s the main thing. You can tell your customers – Hey, Trey Reese over at Reese’s farms grew this, or Jimmy Mitchell grew this, this is where it comes from,” Mark said.

You can find Woods Farms at the City Market in Downtown Roanoke and the South County Farmers Market in Roanoke County. The farm stand is on 2921 Naff Road in Boones Mill.

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