Advance Auto partners with Roanoke first responders for 90th anniversary

Published: Jul. 13, 2022 at 5:48 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Advance Auto Parts is partnering with the Roanoke fire and police departments as part of its 90th anniversary celebration.

Advance celebrated its 90th anniversary Wednesday by giving back to the community where it all started in 1932.

As part of the celebration, Advance donated $2,500 in gift cards to the Roanoke Police Department and Roanoke Fire-EMS.

First responders, Advance Auto Parts employees and members of the community were in attendance to hear the announcement.

“It’s very important for us to serve the customer and also give back to the community in which we operate, because they are the ones supporting us. Many of those people in the community are also our team members,” said Tammy Finley, executive vice president for Advance Auto Parts.

Both the Roanoke Fire-EMS and the Roanoke Police Department will give the $25 gift cards to members of the community.

“By Advance Auto giving us those gift cards, we can carry that forward and use that as an enticement or an incentive when we see things going on good within our community,” said David Hoback, Chief for Roanoke Fire-EMS.

Things like practicing fire safety or attending community events.

“This is a good vehicle for us to help people in giving us gift cards so that we can actually hand someone something tangible,” said Hoback. “So we can say thanks for having a smoke detector or thanks for attending this fire prevention talk or fire prevention program. That way we know we’re doing everything we can to keep our community safe and Advance Auto is a great partner with that.”

The Roanoke Police Department will give gift cards out to those who may have a car issue such as a broken taillight instead of giving them a citation.

“We can give them that and if it doesn’t pay for the full set or the full headlight, at least it’ll take the sting out of having to replace a piece of car equipment,” said Jennings Tardy, lieutenant with the Roanoke Police Department.

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