Horse and wagon train makes its way through Moneta

Published: Jul. 19, 2022 at 6:13 PM EDT
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MONETA, Va. (WDBJ) - Spring Valley Farm organized an old-fashioned horse and wagon train Tuesday morning for anyone to join.

About 20 horses and a wagon full of people took backroads to downtown Moneta and returned to the farm after grabbing lunch.

The owners say it’s a way to slow down and enjoy nature.

“On horses you see everything. If you’re in a car riding by fast, you don’t even notice nature. When you’re riding horses on trail rides or wagon trains, it’s just a whole different experience of traveling,” said Chad Simmons, owner of Spring Valley Farm.

His wife agreed.

“Driving horses is a dying sport. It’s not very common. So, it’s always interesting for people to see the mules get harnessed up, ride in the wagon, all the nuances that go with that. It’s pretty different,” said Michelle Simmons, manager for Spring Valley Farm.

The event started six years ago, but it continues to grow.

“One time it was over 50 people,” said Simmons. “It’s some people that aren’t part of the farm but some people board here or lase here or just come do trail rides from time to time.”

Simmons said the wagon train is just as beneficial for people as it is for the horses.

“People can see God’s creation and enjoy the outside nature and do things outside,” said Simmons. “It really helps people out especially when they’ve got a lot on their mind. It’s an uplifting event.”

It’s especially uplifting for his father, who grew up riding horses.

“Oh Lord, it makes me so happy,” said Simmons. “People are just loving it, and I guess they want to slow their way of life down, too. It’s unreal at the people that want to ride the horses and go on the wagon rides. They come from everywhere.”

Spring Valley Farm will continue to have this event once a month through the summer. It’s free to join them, but there is a small fee to rent a horse or ride the wagon.

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