Weather On The Water: Roanoke River wins 10 Best for kayaking plus river cleanup efforts

The Roanoke River receives first place out of 20 nominations with USA Today
Published: Jul. 22, 2022 at 2:34 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Our first Weather On The Water story comes to us from the Roanoke River, after it received a distinguishing award: “USA today 10best Reader’s Choice 2022 Best Urban Kayaking Spot.” The 10Best Reader’s Choice Award nominees are determined by a panel of editors from USA Today,, and expert contributors USA Today selects.

Kayaking on the nearly 45 miles-long scenic river is great for beginners, anyone in between, and those who like a challenge since it ranges from flatwater all the way up to Class II rapids.

Kathryn Lucas, Director of Public Relations with Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge, spoke about how the Roanoke River last year won third, but made it to 1st place for 2022. “An editor reached out letting us know that we had been nominated once again... we really made an effort to push it out on LinkedIn, Facebook asking everyone in the community to help us out and vote.”

Those votes help us continue to win awards, plus winning promotes tourism. One way we can continue to draw in tourism and keep our local waterways clean is by being conscientious towards the mark we are leaving behind.

“We try to implement “leave no trace” practices through all of our outdoor recreation trips and the basis there is when you go out and adventure you leave a place looking better than you found it,” said Kat Andrew, Outdoor Recreation Coordinator for Roanoke City Parks and Recreation.

So if you are planning on heading out to the Roanoke River, there are a few things you should do first. “I would first recommend planning ahead and preparing. Checking the weather, checking the water levels are safe to recreate in” says Lucas.

The Roanoke River offers more than just kayaking. Tubing, fishing, wildlife/bird watching are all great ways to experience the outdoors. Just remember to help keep it clean!

Weather On The Water- Roanoke River wins 10Best Award plus clean up effort
Weather On The Water- Roanoke River wins 10Best Award plus clean up effort(WDBJ7)

Some ways homeowners can keep the Roanoke River clean:

◉ Dispose of trash properly. Don’t forget about cigarette buds!

◉ Remove leaves from roadside gutters.

◉ Test your soil before applying fertilizers.

◉ Apply absorbent material to spills/leaks. Place used material in trash can.

◉ Clean up pet waste. Dispose in trash can.

Runner ups for the USA Today 10Best Reader’s Choice 2022 Best Urban Kayaking Spot Award are as follows:

- Second Place: Cuyahoga River located in Ohio.

- Third Place: James River located in Virginia.

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