Weather On The Water: How weather plays a major role in catching fish

Salem native Professional Bass Angler speaks on fishing bass at Smith Mountain Lake
Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 3:22 PM EDT
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SMITH MOUNTAIN LAKE, Va. (WDBJ) - “Well, being a professional bass angler, I don’t get to choose the weather that I fish in, so I have fished in every condition that you can think of,” says John Crews, a professional bass angler from Salem who has professionally fished for 22 years.

How weather plays a major role on fishing.
How weather plays a major role on fishing.(WDBJ7)

Crews talks about how strategic you have to be with what Mother Nature casts out in the forecast department, since the weather doesn’t always cooperate with his fishing tournaments. “The first day it was overcast calm conditions, and during the tournament we had some sun, we had some rain, we had some wind. We had different conditions and I had to adjust throughout the tournament.”

He states his ideal conditions for catching bass is when it is sunny but windy. “The bass is the largest member of the sun fish family and I think that is why it has something to do with the sun, kind of helps those fish, making them more aggressive it seems like.”

Crews mentions how it’s not just rain or shine that plays a role in catching large mouth bass. “Barometric pressure plays a big role in how the fish bite... If they feel like they are in the wide open with sunny calm conditions, which we get under high barometric pressure, they are gonna be tight up in the cover. They are gonna be back in trying to hide. If it’s dark and windy they feel like they are camouflaged, so they are willing to come out of the cover a little bit more and they are going to be a little more aggressive, because they can kind of ambush their pray a little easier.”

When I asked him his favorite place to fish his answer is no surprise, “Smith Mountain Lake is one of my favorite lakes in all the country to fish. It’s a good fishery. It’s got clear water, it’s got some stain water, it’s got some big bass in it, it’s got small mouth in it. It’s kind of a diverse fishery.”

Now, Smith Mountain Lake leaves some people with no fish to fry. Crews recommends knowing what you are catching and using certain techniques to your advantage. “It’s not one of those places like a farm pond, where you throw anything in there and they are going to eat it. You kind of have to know what you’re doing. So fishing Smith Mountain Lake makes you a better angler.”

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