God’s Pitt Crew sends aid to Kentucky and needs the community’s help

Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 5:52 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) -Danville’s God’s Pit Crew has sent more than 2,000 blessing buckets to help flooding victims. Now, they’re asking the community for support.

The organization sent its 5th truck Monday to Whitesburg, Kentucky to help with flood relief efforts.

“The reports that we’re getting from people close in that area is that is just a community that has been absolutely devastated,” said God’s Pitt Crew Chief Operating Officer Brandon Knuckles. “We hate to hear the reports of loss of life; we’re in prayer for the families that have lost so much and praying for the survivors right now and trying to help them with everything that we can.”

Blessing Bucket Program Director Julie Burnett and a small team will meet the truck to help. A blessing bucket is a 5-gallon bucket filled with life-sustaining supplies.

“There are areas now that have been so devastated that they have not been able to get to them yet,” explained Burnett. “So, as of today and tomorrow they’re starting to open those areas up and God’s Pit Crew is gonna be one of the first teams in to distribute blessing buckets in those areas.”

The crisis response team is now asking the community to donate supplies.

“We’re asking people to bring things like toilet paper, paper towels, canned goods, deodorant. Things that are hard for us to buy in bulk right now,” added Knuckles. “And what those items go into our blessing bucket which is a five-gallon bucket with 26 essential items that you would need if you were displaced from your home.”

The program director said these are small things that make a huge difference.

“But when you go out to a devastation, and you see and meet people that have nothing but the clothes on their back. It’s amazing how something so simple becomes something so valuable and so important,” said Burnett.

The Immediate response team just got back Saturday from Buchanan County after the flooding in the area. This team helps with cutting trees, removing debris, and drying homes. They are resting before heading to Kentucky.

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