Red Cross of Virginia volunteers assisting in Kentucky flooding relief efforts

Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 10:00 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Helping out with natural disasters is nothing new for the American Red Cross and the Red Cross of Virginia. So when flooding hit Kentucky this past week, the Red Cross answered the call.

“So what occurs is that the Red Cross that’s on the ground in these communities takes the lead. So the Red Cross of Kentucky takes the lead, just as if this flood was occurring in Virginia, the Red Cross of Virginia would be the lead agency. Once there’s a sense for what the scope of the damage is on the ground, there’s a call out for specific positions that are in need in those areas,” said Jonathan McNamara, communications director for the Red Cross of Virginia.

McNamara said the Virginia volunteers will then be matched up with positions of need and could leave their homes for up to three weeks at a time. He said there are currently seven volunteers from Virginia, including one from Lynchburg helping out. But that could also change at any moment.

“We know that the volunteers that are on the ground, whether they are from Virginia or across the country, they’re going to need to go home to their families, they’re gonna need to take a break. So that’s when we’ll start to see other positions backfill those volunteers. But we also know the needs are going to change, so there are volunteers in the Virginia region that have a different set of skills that will be required as we move into the future.”

McNamara said the American Red Cross is proud to be there to help when natural disasters occur and will stay in Kentucky as long as they are needed.

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