Rep. Good meets with Danville organization focused on fighting food insecurity

Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 10:47 PM EDT
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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - Every Wednesday, the line is down the street with residents and Danville Public School families who are in need of food. That’s where God’s Final Call and Warning comes in, providing for families in need.

“We have partnered with the City Council and the Danville School Board. What we are seeking to do, is to lessen or eliminate childhood hunger and food insecurity in the whole of Danville and the surrounding areas,” said Ralph Rhyne, founder and president of GFCW.

Hundreds and sometimes more than a thousand residents pile into the location. Picking from a variety of boxes filled with the food they need to get through the week. Rhyne is proud of what he and his team are able to do, he said helping these families in need is what makes the whole operation worth it.

“It’s fulfilling. That’s the incentive that keeps you going. A mother who is tearful, now happy and smiling, children who are looking at the food they are going to eat when they get home. All of that’s fulfilling because you’re actually fulfilling a need and actually blessing people.”

The work hasn’t gone unnoticed, as Virginia Congressman Bob Good (R-5) went down Wednesday to see it all in action.

“We know there’s a great need in Southside and the Danville community. There’s a tremendous amount of poverty and tremendous amount of hunger. It’s just inspirational to see people coming and volunteering their time, volunteering their resources to try to meet that need. What we want to do is encourage and bless them with our presence but also try to highlight what they are doing so that others who can invest in this opportunity might do that, and those who can volunteer and serve as well might be able to help them have a greater impact.”

Rhyne said it meant a lot to have Rep. Good come down and experience it all in-person.

“The governor wrote a letter because he got wind of and saw some pictures of the work we were doing. The congressman came down to experience it, to see it, and so he’s impressed. That’s what we want to do, we want to be a blessing,” said Rhyne.

This is a strong operation, but God’s Final Call and Warning is always looking for more help as it continues serving those in need.

“We need funding. Everything costs, even donations cost. It costs to go pick them up, it costs to distribute them and so we need help,” said Rhyne.

Rhyne said they are trying to expand their operations and if you are interested in helping GFCW do that, you can head to its website here.

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