Thousands attend Lynchburg back-to-school event

Published: Aug. 6, 2022 at 6:48 PM EDT
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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - Thousands of families gathered at the University of Lynchburg to attend Building Our Community Together, a back-to-school event hosted by One Community One Voice.

“Hopefully this event does two things. That they get the supplies they need because times are very hard,” said One Community One Voice Executive Director James Camm. “So this way they’re getting the backpack, school supplies. They get an opportunity to get information from the different schools the kids will be going to and also a little fun.”

The event featured local organizations, live music, games, and a basketball clinic for kids. School supplies, shoes, and clothing were given to assist students.

Latasha Johnson said it eased some of the burdens as her daughter Shiian heads into 8th grade.

“Because with the inflation everything like that. She has the school supplies she needs and then plus a little extra,” said Johnson. “So, it really did help in a big way.”

Camm said the new location was chosen to inspire kids to attend college.

“And the key thing is exposure. They’re on the University and I am hoping that these kids now say, hey, I could be here one day and go to school here,” explained Camm. “So, it’s an opportunity and encouragement in that area.”

That’s exactly what it did for Shiian, who wants to attend the University of Lynchburg. She was able to get information on how to apply to college.

“It means a lot because it gives my daughter hope that she can go to college, she can do anything,” added Johnson. “And then take an interest in the different events that she has in the community.”

Johnson met her daughters’ teachers from Lynchburg City Public Schools. LCPS Director of Equity and Community relations Ethel Reeves said the event is a time for them to introduce parents to additional resources.

“But what’s more important is that they get to see the other resources that are available in our school system and in our city, really,” said Reeves. “And that’s what we want. We know that it takes the entire village to raise a child and the entire village is here.”

You can reach out to One Community One Voice or Lynchburg City Public Schools to get connected to the additional resources.

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