Keeping students safe in a Pulaski Co. community effort

Published: Aug. 8, 2022 at 3:50 PM EDT
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PULASKI COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - Pulaski County Public Schools is using the last few days of summer break to make sure the upcoming school year is successful and safe.

“It certainly is something that we take seriously and hope we never have to confront a dangerous situation, but but we do take preparation for that as seriously as our community expects us to,” PCPS Superintendent Kevin Siers said.

He says safety is the top priority in the school district.

“We spend quite a bit of time evaluating our safety plans and procedures and working through our capital needs list to try to address safety concerns that are listed on it,” Siers said.

That includes having a school resource officer in every school building around the county.

“They’re always with the majority of the students in the parking lot, the bus circle, wherever they can be to serve and create relationships with all the kids,” Pulaski County High School Principal Jennifer Bolling said.

She believes the presence of the officers makes the school safer.

“They love being around high school students and they also respect the fact that the parents in the community are trusting us and them with their kids while they’re here during the day, they respect that, that makes a world of difference,” she said.

For Pulaski County Sheriff Mike Worrell, having officers in each building is a no-brainer.

“They develop relationships, not only with the students, but with the teachers and it just gives them that opportunity to interact with law enforcement and give them a sense of security,” Worrell said.

At the high school, other measures have been taken to make sure there’s more visibility around the school.

“Doors are always locked, you have to buzz in in order to get through the front door,” Bolling said. “We have added mirrors, anything that will increase the safety measures to make sure that we know who’s coming into the building.”

For PCPS, safety is a community wide effort.

“Everyone’s ultimate goal is to provide a safe environment for the kids to be happy and learn, and to be a part of that community there’s nothing nothing like it,” Bolling said.

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