New low-income, handicap-accessible housing to come to Lynchburg

Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 5:38 PM EDT
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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) - New affordable housing for low-income families and people with disabilities is coming to Lynchburg.

Construction has officially begun for the development of three new apartment complexes on Florida Avenue.

Rush Homes is a local nonprofit funding the construction of Florida Terrace. They already have a list of people in need of housing.

“We have a waiting list of about 400 people. So, the need is great. If you need affordable housing and also accessible housing, it becomes even more difficult to find a place that will meet your needs,” said Kate Goodman, director of development and marketing for Rush Homes.

Florida Terrace will provide 31 affordable and accessible units for those in need.

Goodman said a recent housing study by Enterprise Holdings found Lynchburg is approximately 2,300 units short of affordable housing.

“Affordable housing is not only important for people who need it, but it’s important for all of us,” added Goodman. “When people are able to concentrate on thriving in their lives, the expense the community sees in terms of emergency services and things like that decrease.”

They say the development will also benefit the local economy.

“The work you see being done now is being done by local businesses,” said Goodman. “We employ local businesses and hire local people and the entire community benefits from that kind of investment.”

Rush Homes owns 100 other low-income housing units throughout Lynchburg and Madison Heights.

“69% of our residents live on $12,000 a year or less,” explained Goodman. “You can imagine that having to pay 30% of their income for housing and utilities is a big deal. So, we really build to a standard that allows them to have the lowest utility bills possible.”

The apartments are said to be complete by the beginning of 2023.

There will be a groundbreaking ceremony Thursday at 11 a.m. on Florida Avenue just below Food Lion for anyone to attend.

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