Roanoke City Schools to integrate more technology, and college readiness curriculum

Published: Aug. 10, 2022 at 8:28 AM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Heading back to school can also mean new ways to learn, and for Roanoke City Public Schools, this includes integrating more technology and college readiness into classrooms.

The school district plans to incorporate more ways for kids to use tech like iPads and robots to learn how to program and code. This along with stop-animation video storyboards and manipulatives, will all be a form of hands-on technology integrated into everyday teaching and learning.

Students in elementary, middle and high school will have opportunities to use these various types of technologies throughout the school year.

Educators say this is a good way to use the computer technology skills they gained during the pandemic and combine them with everyday lessons.

“We’re excited about marrying those two things together and for our students to be engaged in learning, not just from the screen. They’re still using technology-- they’re still they’re using it in a way that they can manipulate with their hands. They can build, they can create, they can work collaboratively with other students and they’re not just behind the screen,” said Jamey McKenna Roanoke City Public Schools Coordinator of Instructional Technology.

Each school has an Instructional Resource Technology teacher (ITRTs), and they work hand in hand with teachers to ensure technology is at the top of their minds.

In addition to new technology, what kids learn in the classroom will also be taken to the next level according to school officials.

This year, their goal is to help more students think outside of the box when it comes to building their future.

A part of Roanoke City schools’ strategic plan is to build college and career readiness skills. The goal this year is to get students ready for the future even earlier than high school, which means more Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses.

The district hopes to offer more CTE courses as early as middle school.

“Ensuring every student engaged in an academic career plan, portfolio process to start in a middle school level. So we’re going to be implementing these things because we got to know where our students want to do you want to get the high school so we’ll get them on the track now. So by the time they get out of high school, they can graduate and as Mrs. White says. ‘with a resume and a diploma’, so it gives them the opportunity to open up other doors but they don’t want to go to college,” said Roanoke City Public Schools chief academic officer Archie Freeman.

This year students will also see new world language books available in hard copies and digitally.

Parents can review the books and learn more about different CTE courses and college readiness programs by giving Roanoke City Schools a call.

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