Crystal Spring neighborhood in Roanoke reacts to boutique hotel plans

Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 5:43 PM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - The developers of a boutique hotel are taking the next steps toward construction in Roanoke. However, it will be awhile before any construction happens on Crystal Spring Avenue.

Developers explained at the Board of Zoning Appeals meeting Wednesday they’ll be focusing on mapping out the building plans on paper for the next six months. Residents in the neighborhood have been speaking out in favor and against the hotel plans.

During neighborhood community meetings, previous Board of Zoning Appeals meetings and direct communication with developers, the main concern residents have is parking.

“The application drastically understates the negative impact it would have on parking and traffic,” one resident said at the BZA meeting July 13.

The owner explained at Wednesday’s board meeting the hotel would create ten additional parking spaces and partner with Carilion Clinic to use its parking garage during peak tourism season.

“He was very considerate and I really appreciated that and he’s listened to us, multiple times,” another resident said at the BZA meeting August 10.

Some residents are looking forward to the possibility of a high-end hotel on the block.

“For most of us, and I can’t speak for everyone; I wouldn’t try, this is a welcome change and a welcome addition to the neighborhood,” one resident who is in favor said at Wednesday’s meeting.

With another business coming to town, Roanoke Region’s Chamber of Commerce president and CEO explained it will have a positive impact on the economy.

“For some people, that boutique hotel itself will be a draw,” Joyce Waugh said. “It also maybe will just set Roanoke a little bit apart by having this option as well as some others.”

The developer explained how he hopes construction can start in Spring 2023.

“We would love to give something to Roanoke and we think Roanoke is ready for this,” Rudy Van Thiel said. “A real nice hotel, a small hotel.”

The hotel would take up the two lots where Famous Anthony’s used to be, and guests would potentially park in the spots out front. Developers said at Wednesday’s meeting they want to continue working with residents throughout the building process to make sure parking is not an issue.

There is not a cost estimation yet for the hotel, but the owner hopes to have it open by 2024.

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