Experts asking Virginians to help stop spotted lanternfly

Published: Sep. 2, 2022 at 5:58 PM EDT
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(WDBJ) - Virginia’s most infamous hitchhiker - the spotted lanternfly - is on the move again. Scientists are asking you to stop giving it a free ride.

Virginia Tech and Virginia’s Department of Agriculture and consumer services are asking all Virginians to join the “Stomp the Spotted Lanternfly” movement.

Officials say the insects colonize quickly, disrupt native ecosystems and are a threat to grape crops.

Tech Manager of Insect ID Lab Eric Day recommends you check no spotted lanternfly is traveling with you when leaving an infested place. And if you do find one - kill it.

“If you find it whatever on your vehicle or car or whatever, smash it, get rid of it in any way you desire. And then make sure if you’re in an area too that you don’t think spotted lanternfly occurs report it to the county’s extension office, (or the) department of agriculture,” said Day.