Roanoke County Planning Commission approves rezoning petition for Edgebrook Road

Published: Sep. 6, 2022 at 11:50 PM EDT
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ROANOKE COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - The Roanoke County Planning Commission meeting was a packed house Tuesday night as a public hearing was held for a petition put forth by ABoone Real Estate Inc. to rezone 32.32 acres off Edgebrook Road.

The petition has received a lot of backlash from residents in the area, more than a dozen spoke at the meeting urging the planning commission to vote no. Some of the main concerns raised at the meeting included increased traffic, not wanting a new hotel in the area or a worry that this development might lower the worth of their homes.

”A hotel at exit 140 is not needed,” said one resident.

“The majority of the people here do not want this,” said one resident.

“Thank you for your time and I certainly would hope that you would urge to vote no to this entire rezoning request,” said one resident.

The planning commission understood the residents concerns, but unanimously voted to approve the petition. Citing that they believe ABoone Real Estate Inc. was considerate of residents and is putting forward this petition in good faith.

”When they spend the time and energy to bring forth a proposal like this, they don’t do it haphazardly. They employ a number of professionals that work with county staff and VDOT to make sure that what they are bringing forward represents a responsible development. I’m confident Mr. Boone heard the concerns expressed at the community meeting and in a good faith way sought to address those,” said Rick James, who represents the Vinton district of the planning commission.

The current petition, if approved entirely the Board of Supervisors, will rezone 3.46 acres to construct a four story hotel and 28.86 acres to construct 80 townhomes.

“We focused on the comprehensive plan, we looked at the core designation, we looked at the needs of the community, we considered the existing communities there and we looked for the least dense and least active traffic use we could find for that and that was a hotel,” said Alexander Boone, the developer for the site.

The petition will now head to a second public hearing at the Board of Supervisors meeting on Sept. 28.

ABoone Realty Estate Inc.’s petition to rezone the 1300 and 1400 blocks of Edgebrook Road began in February 2022. The original petition was to rezone 7.3 acres for a hotel and medical/professional offices, and rezone 25.01 acres for townhomes. Following a community meeting in March 2022, ABoone Real Estate Inc. revised the petition to its current form.