Henry County Fair returns for second year

Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 5:10 PM EDT
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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ) - The Henry County Fair is back for its second year and has even more to offer this go-round.

This year, there will be concerts every night and the Pompeyo Family Dog Show from America’s Got Talent will be there to perform.

There will also be over 20 rides for all ages to enjoy.

“Last year was our first year, so we were going into it not really knowing what to expect. We had an awesome turnout last year, so we kind of learned from that. We changed some things this year, added some shows and got some headlining acts for the concerts. So, it’s going to be an awesome four days for people to come out,” said Roger Adam, director of Henry County Parks and Recreation.

They expect to have a bigger turnout compared to last year due to weather, the pandemic and publicity.

“Last year, we lost the first day because of rain,” said Adam. “That doesn’t look like it’ll be an issue this year. I think people probably were a little bit more scared of COVID last year. Then, we also have a lot more people that know about the fair this year since it’s the second one. So, we’re really expecting a big turnout and just a lot of fun.”

About 20 deputies from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office will be there for security.

“We want folks to come out and have a good time, relaxed, knowing that it’s a secure and safe environment,” added Adam. “I know our Sheriff’s Department will do a great job ensuring that. Last year, we had a very safe event. It didn’t have any issues and we’re not expecting any this year.”

The fair begins at 5 p.m. Wednesday and admission is $5 for ages six and up.

“We’ve all been inside enough over the last few years,” explained Adam. “So, it would be a great time to come out and enjoy the beautiful outdoor weather. It’s going to be great to take advantage of having some fun.”

The last day to enjoy the fun is Saturday, when there will be fireworks after the race. They say they plan to hold the Henry County Fair again next year and in years to come.