MORNIN’ MOTIVATIONS: Conditions for Success

Blogger Caitlyn Scaggs says sometimes it's not just attitude, but the right tool that ensures success
Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 9:07 AM EDT
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Sometimes our frustrations in life are actually about the tools or resources we lack.

“It isn’t our attitude that’s the problem, but a lack of conditions we need to succeed,” says blogger Cailyn Scaggs.

She shared her own story that many of us can relate to.

“It may seem silly, but I had this major “a-ha” moment related to ironing. I have hated this chore for years and then it dawned on me, maybe our antiquated iron was the issue, not the chore itself. For $26.99 I was able to transform a daily annoyance in my life into a much smoother experience. It was a small adjustment with big results! Ironing isn’t the horrible chore I once thought it was,” says Scaggs.

Scaggs says often it’s not the task, but the tool that keeps us from being successful in situations at home, at work or in school.

Here are some things she says to consider:

Essentially, is the problem something innate to you or is the problem a circumstantial one?

Ask yourself if it is the task or the tool that is a problem.

Be honest with yourself in your reflection, because there are times our attitudes are the issue.

However, if you realize there may be a practical solution to the frustration you face I encourage you to invest.

You can read more on Scaggs’ blog, “Boldly Pursue” by clicking here.