Harvest Foundation invests $1.4 million into Henry County internet expansion

Published: Sep. 28, 2022 at 4:52 PM EDT
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HENRY COUNTY, Va. (WDBJ) - The Harvest Foundation is investing in the expansion of broadband internet access in Henry County.

The foundation is matching $1.5 million in grant funds to help Henry County achieve universal internet access.

The funds will help Henry County’s two-phase project of ensuring everyone in the county has access to internet.

Phase one will begin sometime this fall and provide over 3,000 households with internet access.

“We knew that there was a digital divide before the pandemic. The pandemic just simply exposed it and laid it wide open to everyone to see what the digital divide problem was in our community. So, it touches about everything that the foundation works on,” said DeWitt House, senior program officer for the Harvest Foundation.

The Harvest Foundation hopes to be able to also provide financial help with phase two of the project.